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Breast Enhancement Recovery

Breast enhancement recovery periods can vary substantially depending on a patient’s unique situation. However, the good news is that newer techniques are making it possible for many patients to be back at work and participating in most of their routine activities within a remarkably short time frame.  As one of the primary practitioners of rapid recovery breast augmentation in Beverly Hills, Dr. J. has performed countless breast surgeries. He is on the leading edge of reducing the invasive nature of procedures and, in turn, significantly cutting down the recovery time.breast-enhancement-recovery

With Dr. J., breast enhancement recovery can often be a matter of a weekend. Of course, performing breast surgery that yields beautiful results is not exactly simple and it takes the touch of a sensitive craftsman as well as that of a brilliant technician. Certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, as he is more formally known, is one of the most experienced and highly regarded plastic surgeons in all of Southern California.

Dr. J’s vast experience with patients in a wide variety of situations means that he is able to deal with the needs of his patients with a friendly yet highly professional manner that puts his clients entirely at their ease. Beverly Hills is a city where innumerable highly skilled plastic surgeons practice and Dr. J. is considered among the very best of the medical elite.

To answer your questions regarding breast augmentation or any other type of plastic surgery, please contact Dr. J for a no-cost consultation.




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