Buttock Augmentation Before and After Photos

It’s only natural for women considering cosmetic surgery on their buttocks to want to see the best possible buttock augmentation before and after photos when they are comparing any of the very many plastic surgeons operating in Southern California. The outstanding buttock augmentation before and after photos on this page attest to the quality of the work of the area’s most acclaimed board certified plastic surgeon, Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS.

Known affectionately to his many grateful patients as “Dr. J.,” the doctor is one of the most admired and respected plastic surgeons in the extremely beauty-conscious city of Beverly Hills. The results he has achieved have delighted countless patients, including the women shown on this page who were proud to consent to allow the doctor to include their pictures on his website.

Dr. J. prefers to use the latest transfer techniques, which moves unwanted fat from parts of the body from where it may be less than attractive to portions of the body where it will create the most pleasing aesthetic impact possible. The Brazilian butt lift before and after results he has achieved are nothing short of spectacular.

The amazing butt lift before and after results you see in these augmentation before and after photos clearly demonstrate the surgical skill and artistry of Dr. J. It takes the ability of a truly outstanding surgeon and medical doctor, and the soul of an artist, to achieve the kind of outstanding results that can truly boost a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. When Dr. J. performs plastic surgery, he is looking at the entire patient as Rodin looked at a subject for one of his classic sculptures.

Dr. J. and his outstanding staff are ready to discuss the likely plastic surgery before and after results in your particular case. To inquire about a free consultation, please call 310-228-3151 or visit our contact page.

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