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Fat Transfer to Buttocks Cost

Patients working with Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS who are looking to enhance their feminine shape receive fat transfer to the buttocks. This is advantageous because they would also like to improve the look of other parts of the body—such as the stomach, flanks, lower back, or thighs—through liposuction. An additional benefit of this augmentation technique is that the fat transfer to buttocks cost is often lower than silicone buttock implants. Many of Dr. J’s patients have been thrilled with the Brazilian butt lift and proudly share images of their expertly contoured buttocks through the clinic's website. When the patient considers their fat transfer to buttocks cost and views these before and after pictures, she will see that the price for this buttock augmentation is highly suitable in terms of the results. This is especially true with double board certified Dr. Jarrah-Nejah; the Brazilian butt lift is performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon at a cost that is markedly less than the usual cost of work of this caliber.

With the innovative fat transfer to buttocks technique, Dr. J first extracts fat from designated portions of the body through liposuction. After liposuction is conducted, the harvested fat is processed and then introduced to the muscles and tissue of the buttocks through small injections. These tiny amounts are inserted into the muscles and under skin in layers so the fat cells thrive and the desired contour is rendered. As the patient prepares for the dual procedure, Dr. J’s supportive staff will work through the fat transfer to buttocks cost with the patient. A few months following the Brazilian butt lift surgery, the patient will have her very own before-and-after pictures to signify the remarkable transformation.

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