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Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS, aka Dr J, knows very well that the right to bear your arms has been increasingly claimed by women. With such mega-celebrities as Michelle Obama and Jennifer Aniston in the forefront, more and more of us have been seeking out the kind of surgery that leads to the amazing arm lift before and after pictures you see above.

Dr. J is known for his ability to thoroughly transform arms that might appear somewhat saggy and lackluster – often despite the best efforts of women to improve their appearance through exercise. Of course, the road to the kind of glamorous guns that make for an amazing arm lift before and after picture requires tremendous surgical skill, and just a touch of artistry.

Naturally, before you have the arm lift before and after pictures, you must have the arm lift surgery. Known medically as brachioplasty, an arm lift procedure removes fat and loose skin that lays on the lower part of the upper arm. When performed by an outstanding surgeon like Dr. J, the result is a more firm, tight, and toned appearance. We could spend more time describing Dr. J's well known sculptural ability that has brought him so many testimonials, and had so many patients offering to share their stunning arm lift before and after pictures, but we think the image above do plenty of talk for us.

About Dr. J

Becoming known as the plastic surgeon Beverly Hills and Los Angeles residents turn to for outstanding results is no easy task, but Dr. J has proven himself to be one of the nation's finest surgeons. From breast and buttocks augmentation to nose jobs (rhinoplasty) and ear pinning (otoplasty) for youngsters and adults, the doctor is known not only for his very considerable skill, but for his friendliness and sensitivity.

Dr. J understands intimately that few people undertake any plastic surgery lightly and that good results are absolutely crucial to the future lives of the patient. The doctor is also aware that his patients are more than a collection of facial features and body parts; he serves the whole patient.

Whether you are interested in arm lift, or want to enjoy the kind of great tummy tuck before and after results you can see on Dr. J's web site for yourself, he is ready to help. Just call him or visit his contact page for further information. The doctor and his helpful and professional staff look forward to hearing from you. Consultations are available.

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