Beverly Hills Breast Lift

Why you might get a Beverly Hills Breast Lift

Breasts that have sagged due to age, genetics or weight loss can look prematurely old and misshapen. As women age, the skin of the breasts also loses elasticity and firmness. A breast can also change the direction it points from forward to down. To restore youthfulness and perk, it may only be necessary to perform a breast lift. In patients who want to maintain size, the results can be very positive.

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Dr. J is a double board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills (certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery), and one of the most trusted surgeons in Beverly Hills. Breast lifts and related breast procedures vary in their complexity, and thus he strongly believes in educating his patients to ensure that they will be satisfied with their results. He will discuss your individual needs with you, and present recommendations and options for your unique case.

The Breast lift Procedure

At 2-3 hours, the procedure can vary in its technique depending on the individual needs of the patient. In the event that a patient has smaller breasts or the sagging is not extensive, the procedure can be much simpler. Crescent, donut, lollipop, and inverted-T are the names for the different techniques of breast lift. A crescent incision is generally for raising the location of the nipple. A donut incision is known for less scarring. There are advantages to each, and Dr. J will discuss this at the patient’s consultation

When the patient comes in on the day of their surgery, Dr. J and his highly trained and experienced staff will make sure all of the patient’s questions are answered and that they are as relaxed as possible. General anesthesia will be used, and all precautions are taken to make sure the highest safety standards are maintained.


Breast Lift Recovery

It will be necessary to wear a specialized bra for providing added support for patients recovering from surgery. There is sometimes minor pain and discomfort associated with recovery, but it can usually be treated with oral medication, especially in the case of a rapid recovery breast lift.

During recovery, the patient will generally notice some degree of scarring. Other surgeons are known to consider restoration of breast shape the only priority. Dr. J has worked hard to develop techniques for minimizing scarring and maintaining smooth skin that keeps a natural appearance. Since each patient’s needs are different, each patient’s expectations should also be different, and these are matters Dr. J addresses with his patients at their consultations.

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