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Changing the body's appearance is oftentimes more involved than just eating a well balanced diet and exercising regularly. Even the strictest of diet and exercise regimens are sometimes not enough to eliminate fatty tissues stored in the body. We offer many different safe, effective procedures that will assist you in achieving the body of your dreams. 

Why You Might Get Body Contouring in Beverly Hills

Dr. J is highly sought-after for body contouring in Beverly Hills, a popular choice for women who are interested in achieving a more enhanced, rejuvenated appearance to a number of areas on their body. This procedure can include everything from an arm lift (brachioplasty) to a breast lift (mastoplex), lower body lift, and stomach lift (abdominoplasty). Many women pursue body contouring in Beverly Hills after a successful bariatric (weight loss) surgery that presented a side effect of loose, hanging skin.

How It Works

Dr. J may perform body contouring in Beverly Hills during a single session, or he may have the patient return for multiple surgeries, depending on the health of the patient and their particular goals. With body contouring, women can remove extra skin from their upper arms (the so-called “bat wings”), restore drooping breasts, remove excess fat from their buttocks and lift the upper thigh, producing a tighter, more aesthetically pleasing look, and create more shapely contours along the back, waist, and sides of the torso.


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After surgery, patients usually require two to three weeks before being able to return to non-strenuous work. Other activities like driving can usually be resumed within one to three weeks. With the exception of the arm lift, all other aspects of body contouring require the patient to wear a support or compression garment for approximately two to six weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about what Dr. J’s body contouring in Beverly Hills can do for you, feel free to contact us directly and schedule a consultation.

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