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Breast augmentation in Beverly Hills and around the world remains among the most popular of all plastic surgeries. Breasts are a very prominent bodily feature and many women just naturally want to make improvements. Some are unsatisfied with their smaller breasts and would like to enlarge them by one or more sizes. Other women may have lost breast volume as a result of pregnancy and nursing and would like to restore their previous appearance. Whether obtained on their own, in tandem with a breast lift, or even with a group of coordinated procedures, augmentations can foster gorgeous outcomes that can add to a woman’s self-confidence whatever she’s wearing…or not wearing!

Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., better known simply as Dr. J, is among the leaders in this most competitive area of plastic surgery. His extensive record of outstanding breast augmentation results is demonstrated in our online gallery. Feel free to take a look. If you like what you’re seeing and are curious about what Dr. J can do for you, keep reading.

Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Gallery       Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Gallery

A Patient-Centered Breast Augmentation Approach

Dr. J, certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, strongly believes that an informed patient is a satisfied patient. During your consultation, he will listen attentively to your hopes and concerns and offer a range of solutions for your consideration. He will discuss with you the relative pros and cons of both silicone and saline breast implants, whether or not another procedure might be preferable or could be obtained at the same time, and answer any other questions you might have about the surgery.

The Procedure

There are multiple methods of putting a breast implant in place. An extremely small incision in the areola is frequently used, while incisions just beneath the breast are another possibility. Inframammary incisions can also be made in the crease of the breast. The lower part of the breast generally covers the scar in cases when such an incision is used. Each approach has its benefits in terms of outcomes and Dr. J works closely with each patient to determine which is best in her case. Whatever type of procedure he employs, Dr. J’s incisions are extremely small and we always prescribe a thorough post-op regimen to ensure the incisions heal their best.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Dr. J performs special rapid recovery breast augmentation; this technique is available to most patients with some exceptions. In the case of quick recovery breast augmentation, patients generally take nothing stronger than over-the-counter pain medication. Dr. J’s Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation technique allows women a speedier recovery with less down-time, less bruising, less swelling less restricted arm movements. This surgery does not require an overnight stay. It is customized for each patient to maximize the speed of recovery and minimize discomfort.

Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Gallery

Breast Augmentation Facts

  •  Breast augmentations are often obtained on their own, but in many cases, the best results may often be achieved in tandem with breast lift procedures. Augmentations, with or without lifts, are also frequently obtained as part of a mommy makeover suite of procedures intended to reverse the less flattering impacts of motherhood.
  •  Dr. J performs most of his procedures with silicone implants and uses a full array of the available implants based on the patient’s individual needs.
  •  The first human silicone-based breast augmentation occurred in 1962. It was a dramatic success and breast enlargement became an immediate worldwide sensation. In the decades that have followed, millions of procedures have been performed around the world. Much has been learned as techniques have become progressively more refined and sophisticated. Today, it’s an extremely safe and effective procedure that produces consistently outstanding results when performed by a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon.
  •  Breast augmentation remains wildly popular. The ASPS reported in 2018 that it was the most widespread surgery of its type in the prior year, with 300,378 procedures performed in the United States alone, making for a three percent increase.
  •  Starting in the mid-20th century and continuing through today, breast augmentation has been thoroughly studied. While any procedure carries some risk of complications, an FDA report summarizing the research noted that “Most women reported high levels of satisfaction with their body image and the shape, feel and size of their implants.”
  •  Dr. J is board-certified both as a plastic surgeon and as a general surgeon by the leading physicians’ organizations in each field. He says that this allows him to be more flexible in the operating room in terms of dealing with anything that may arise during a procedure.

Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills is About More than a Zip Code!

The idea of getting breast augmentation in Beverly Hills might sound exciting, but improving a woman’s figure is about much more than geography. At the same time, there’s no getting around the fact that the world-famous city of Beverly Hills plays host to thousands of plastics surgeons and that many of them are among the finest in the profession. Still, it’s important to choose the right plastic surgeon for you based on much more than a street address.

Dr. J has made his name in this supremely competitive climate by doing the kind of remarkable work that you can see on the many galleries on this site. Dr. J often says that, whatever part of the body he’s working on, the goal is not just improving the appearance of that one area of the body; it’s ensuring that work is as flattering to the patient’s overall appearance as possible.

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