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Breast Augmentation

Patients whose cup size does not correspond with their own self-image are not obligated to live with this problem now that doctors have spent decades researching and perfecting breast surgery. Women whose breasts are so large or heavy that they cause problems with posture or back pain might choose a breast reduction. Dissatisfaction caused by insufficient size can be equally problematic, and with new breakthroughs every day, a breast augmentation is widely regarded as a safe, routine operation when performed by highly regarded plastic surgeons like Dr. J. For every breast augmentation, Dr. J works with the patient to ensure healthy expectations, medical safety and terrific results.

Dr. J works closely with patients during consultation, and discusses options like saline breast implants vs. silicone. He’ll offer the pros and cons of both, as well as presenting the possibilities for an incision location. The armpit, nipple, and the area beneath the breast are possibilities. Being safe, and finding the technique that will result in the most natural looking outcome is crucial. When patients get their breast augmentation from Dr. J, they frequently report being surprised by their quick recoveries as well as being thrilled with their results.

As a consequence of Dr. J’s well-known patient care and compassion, he pays the utmost attention to the safety of his operations. The entire staff at Dr. J’s medical center are focused completely on the safety and comfort of patients when they have a procedure such as a breast augmentation performed. When you wake up from the operation with immediately noticeable results, you’ll already be able to lift your arms over your head, which means your breast augmentation recovery is already well under way before you leave.

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