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Butt Implants

Increasingly, women look at the pages of celebrity magazines and wonder why their own buttocks aren't as aesthetically pleasing as they could be. It's often not bad diet or exercise habits, but simple genetics that keep a woman's behind from having a curvy, feminine shape. It might be time to think about a butt lift. What's more, sagging skin can really stand out on an otherwise toned bathing suit body. Dr. J's experience performing butt implants for women has resulted in some of the tightest and shapeliest bodies on the beaches these days, so he's a natural choice for discerning patients who want the best in their own buttock augmentation. Patients should be good candidates and be familiar with the procedure if they want the best possible results.

Patients considering butt implants should be in generally good health, and not have risk factors like vascular diseases or a history of varicose vein removal surgery. They should also be free of diabetes, but most of all, they should be patients who want better thighs and buttocks.

One popular buttock augmentation removes fat from the lower back and implants it into the buttocks. This is performed under general anesthesia, although patients generally return home the day of their surgery. Antibiotics and pain medication will be necessary in the few days following the procedure. Compression garments are worn to reduce swelling during part of the patient's two weeks off work.

When all that is done, it will be time to show off your new body. Your bikini will hide what small scars may be present, so you'll be more confident than ever, and won't need to disguise your thighs and buttocks with towels or cover-ups anymore. Schedule a consultation with Dr. J to find out if butt implants or even a Brazilian butt lift are right for you.

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