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Buttock Augmentation Before and After Photos

If you're seriously considering obtaining one of the new generation of buttock augmentations and are beginning to shop around for the right plastic surgeon, then buttock augmentation before and after photos are a natural place to start. Dr. J to patients and colleagues alike, is one of the best known and most respected of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. The outstanding work you see on this page demonstrates why patients regularly flock to his offices.

In fact, Dr. J's patients are so proud of their results that the images you are looking are all from actual patients who have enthusiastically volunteered to show their before and after pictures on the doctor's web site. That's because they want to share their great results with other patients. It also means that they agree with the many medical observers and others who have declared Dr. J, a double board certified physician, one of the finest plastic surgeons working in the hyper-competitive Beverly Hills market.

How does Dr. J achieve these kinds of outstanding butt lift before and after results? It's a combination of vast medical skill and artistry, and his thoughtful use of all of the latest and most advanced techniques. Experts and patients agree that procedures using the fat transfer technique often referred to as the Brazilian butt lift produce by far the best results, as well as the fewest post-operative issues and complications. This type of augmentation uses liposuction to moves fat from parts of the body where it may be less than attractive, to areas where it will create the most pleasing aesthetic impact possible. It's this very technique that is responsible for the outstanding butt lift before and after results you see on this page and it's helped countless patients to obtain they body shape they want and deserve

Working with Dr. J

It takes the ability of a truly outstanding surgeon and medical doctor, not to mention the soul of an artist, to achieve the kind of outstanding results that can truly boost a woman’s confidence and self-esteem and the work that leads to buttock augmentation before and after photos is just one aspect of Dr. J's practice. Whether you are interested in a facial rejuvenation procedure, rhinoplasty, a tummy tuck or a breast lift with augmentation – either on its own or as part of a Mommy Makeover package of procedures – Dr. J regularly performs the full range of plastic surgeries with consistently first rate results. When Dr. J. performs plastic surgery, he takes the entire patient into consideration, not just the body part involved in a specific procedure. Just as a sculptor looks at the impact on the totality of a work of art when he is crafting a subject's hands, Dr. J always takes the entire appearance of a patient into careful consideration.

If you're a prospective patient interested in the kind of buttock augmentation Beverly Hills residents seek out or are interested in any other procedure, Dr. J. and his outstanding staff are ready and able to discuss the likely plastic surgery before and after results in your particular case. To inquire about a consultation, please call 310-228-3151 or visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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