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The best in buttock augmentation goes by more than one name. Our Natural Butt Lift® is one of the procedures often referred to as a Brazilian butt lift. What’s the difference between these procedures and others? Older procedures employ synthetic implants similar to those used in breast augmentation. In contrast, the Natural Butt Lift® et al use unwanted fat obtained from elsewhere in a patient’s body to sculpt a voluptuous rear end that looks and feels more natural because it is more natural. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. J has been a leader in the surgery that has become the gold standard in buttock augmentation and his online gallery of outcomes speaks for itself.

Fat-transfer techniques boast a number of additional benefits compared to implants. Transferred fat allows Dr. J more freedom to use his aesthetic sense to create outstanding results. Since the fat is obtained via liposuction, it offers patients something of a twofer in terms of creating an overall more attractive body. Finally, using the patient’s own body fat reduces the risk of complications related to infections. Dr. J and his patients agree that his Natural Butt Lift® is the best option for buttock augmentation.

It’s important to note, however, that some patients may not be good candidates for the operation. These include some people who have vascular diseases, have had previous varicose vein procedures, or are in general poor health. When you meet with Dr. J, he will carefully examine your medical history and help you figure out if buttock augmentation with a Natural Butt Lift® is a viable option for you.

Butt Augmentation Before and After  Butt Augmentation Before and After

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The Natural Butt Lift®

The Procedure

First, liposuction is performed on locations chosen by the doctor and patient, removing fat that won’t be missed. When Dr. J finally performs buttock augmentation (Natural Butt Lift®), he makes a small incision on the bikini line so scars will be well hidden. Then he begins the painstaking process of carefully adding the fat to just the right places for the most alluring outcome possible. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis.

Recovery Period

Patients are prescribed antibiotics and pain medication for several days postoperatively, and will likely require one week off work. Patients will also wear special compression garments for the next few weeks. The garments will support a new shape and contour, as well as helping to minimize swelling.

Brazilian Butt Lift (Natural Butt Lift®) in Beverly Hills with Dr. J

A Brazilian butt lift in Beverly Hills with Dr. J is an outstanding choice for women who want the best possible outcomes with maximum safety. Dr. J has earned a sterling reputation for consistently superior results and attentive, friendly, and compassionate patient care. Moreover, he is double-board certified as both a plastic surgeon and a general surgeon. This means he has lived up to the rigorous standards of two of the most respected medical organizations charged with maintaining medical standards.

The reasons why so many people choose Dr. J for a Brazilian butt lift in Beverly Hills are simple. First, most agree that he is able to produce outcomes that look simply amazing – and you can see those for yourself in our online gallery.

Aside from his track record of success in the operating room, he has also made a name for himself as a doctor who goes out of his way to address patients’ concerns and fully inform them about both the benefits and risks of any procedure. Studies show that having realistic expectations plays a major role in how satisfied patients are with their work over the long term. It’s no wonder, then, why so many delighted patients have sung Dr. J’s praises online and recommended his services to their friends, family members, and colleagues.

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