Chin Augmentation Beverly Hills

Although Southern California has a reputation as one of the world’s prime destinations for plastic surgery, how can one be positive that the surgeon he or she considers is fit for the job at hand? Dr. Payam Jerrah-Nejad is equipped with the proper education and is extensively experienced to conduct successful chin augmentation in Beverly Hills, with the objectives of the surgeon and patient achieved at the conclusion of each recovery period. Dr. Jerrah-Nejad, or Dr. J, as he is known to patients, utilizes the proper chin implant for Los Angeles patients and elsewhere. He employs the best techniques for safely contouring the chin area to fit harmoniously with the other facial features. It might feel daunting, wading through the various clinics offering chin augmentation to Beverly Hills, but after finding Dr. J, there is no need to look further. His expertise, coupled with his warm demeanor, allows the patient to confidently proceed with their surgery.

From the preliminary consultation to the final days of the recovery process, Dr. J is closely involved with each chin augmentation for Beverly Hills patients. He will select the appropriate chin implant to render the desired results initially discussed. He and his support staff are very receptive to the concerns of patients receiving their chin implants in Beverly Hills, or at another accredited location in Los Angeles where the surgeon may conduct the procedure. When the augmentation is complete, Dr. J will schedule post-surgery follow-ups to check the implant and to monitor the patient’s recovery. While the patient may experience swelling and some discomfort, side-effects are minimal.

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