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Dr. J offers a full panel of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures to his patients, including tummy tuck, breast and buttock augmentation, and rhinoplasty, among others. The surgeon’s extensive education has resulted in a breadth of knowledge applied in many areas of plastic surgery. If a person is a worthy candidate for receiving a chin implant in Los Angeles, Dr. J can skillfully contour the patient’s chin area to correspond with all of his or her facial features. In addition to the other superior services offered by Dr. J, the surgeon also specializes in chin augmentation for Beverly Hills patients and those able to visit Southern California for the surgical procedure.

As Dr. J prepares for the chin augmentation, he will make the proper recommendations, incorporating the appropriate chin implant or other bio-adaptable materials to render the desired result. This way, the surgeon and patient may confidently proceed with the procedure. In the pre-op, patients receiving a chin implant in Los Angeles are briefed on what to expect during the first hours following the surgery. All of the necessary medications and supplies are made available to patients during the course of recovery, to provide the optimal level of comfort possible. While the side-effects of chin implants for Beverly Hills patients often differ, Dr. J and his staff will adequately prepare the patient for the recovery process. This is one of the many reasons receiving a chin implant in Los Angeles from Dr. J is an excellent course of action for a person wanting to enhance a recessed chin.

For detailed information regarding chin augmentation, call Dr. J today to schedule a consultation, 310-228-3151.

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