Chin Implant

Dr. J performs chin implant procedures for the patient wishing to strengthen their profile. The insertion of a synthetic implant provides many male patients with a more distinguished appearance. Female patients may receive a more harmonious balance of facial features through a chin augmentation expertly implemented by Dr. J.

Chin augmentation is often coupled with rhinoplasty. Results of both procedures are congruent, as Dr. J specializes in rhinoplasty and chin augmentation for patients of various ethnicities. A chin implant comes in different shapes and sizes. This allows Dr. J to achieve the aesthetic goals he and the patient identify during consultation and pre-op, whether it’s to lengthen the face, widen the chin, or add to the overall size. Dr. J possesses extensive experience and the exacting touch to render a natural looking chin. The chin implant is fitted over the jaw through a small incision that is often made under the chin or sometimes inside the mouth, given the nature of the surgery. The procedure alone is usually finalized in an hour.

Along the way, the surgeon and the team at the Beverly Hills plastic surgery center advise the patient regarding possible side-effects and the proper solutions to help minimizing recovery time. While chin implant cost varies across the board, Dr. J and his medical staff work with the patient to keep the cost of the augmentation procedure reasonable.

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