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If you consider yourself a candidate for chin implants, Beverly Hills surgical centers present many avenues for receiving your operation. Dr. J is a highly-skilled, extensively experienced plastic surgeon, performing chin augmentation in Beverly Hills and at accredited medical facilities in Los Angeles. His superlative reputation results from his success with a full panel of plastic surgery operations over the years, including chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, breast and buttock augmentations, and tummy tucks. Dr. J and his warm, knowledgeable medical group will guide you through the chin implant process, from the time of consultation to the final days of recuperation.

When receiving a chin implant in Los Angeles, it is important to know you are dealing with a surgeon who is of the highest caliber, but working with a medical professional who connects with the patient on a personal level is also invaluable. Dr. J and his team respond to the needs of patients through the course of each procedure. Candidates for chin implants in Beverly Hills can rest assured their chin augmentation process will run smoothly, culminating in a beautifully defined chin. Subtle incisions are made in nonvisible places, such as under the chin. The marks will heal nicely, leaving the patient no obvious scarring. Side-effects are minimal following surgery, but may include some swelling or blood pooling. Cold compresses and a soft food diet help minimize these standard reactions. For most patients, a sense of normalcy will return a few days after the surgery.

In pursuing chin implants in Beverly Hills from a trusted plastic surgeon, there is no need to look further than Dr. J. The Board Certified surgeon invites potential patients to visit his clinic for a consultation.

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