Dr .j, you’re awesome. You did a great job and since the moment I met you I felt comfortable with my life in your hand.

 Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck Testimonial
Posted By: E.R
Procedure: Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck
Dr. J is amazing! He is the best. He is an artist & Surgeon.
Posted By: Anonymous
Procedure: Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck
Dr. Jarrah was great. He was always available and constantly checked up on me.
Posted By: Paulette
Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Dr. J,
A million thanks for what you have done for me. I am so extremely happy with everything you and your staff have done. I am still amazed by how good it looks and how well I healed. I am so happy we made the choice for the lift because you have reached perfection. I hope that everyone reads this and please feel free at any time to use me as a reference. I only know how difficult of a decision this was for me, and because of you, I want to make it so much easier for others. You are truly amazing. By the way, I watched yet again another episode of 90210 and without mentioning any names; I saw an after shot and have to say my breasts look way better. Someone really should give you a call and you can show them how it’s really done! Amazing is all I have to say. Thank you, and if I didn’t say it enough-Thank you again.
Can’t wait until I toss the sports bra,
Posted By: Nancy.B
Dear Dr. J,
Where do I begin? This has been such an amazing experience! I have been searching for the right surgeon to perform my breast lift for years. After having a baby and loosing so much weight after having bypass surgery my breasts were sagging and I was left with so much excess skin. I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin and my confidence was so low. I felt broken and like I was not a “normal” looking girl. You helped changed that. I am so grateful and blessed to have found you. From the moment I met you, I knew you were going to be the surgeon of my choice. I didn’t have to look any further. You paid attention to everything I was saying and addressed all my concerns. You made me feel so comfortable and knew exactly what I wanted. I really loved that you took time to answer all of my questions and were honest about what I should expect and how we should perform the surgery in stages for my safety. After surgery, I went home and there was a voice mail from you asking how I was doing. That really touched me. I had a dr. that cared and that was concerned about how I was doing. It really shows how passionate you are about your patients. You didn’t have an assistant or a nurse call, you took initiative and time out of your day to call. I am more than happy with my results. Words really can’t describe how happy and thankful I am. You and your staff, esp. Nikki, have been amazing. You all made me feel so comfortable. Nikki is just simply amazing!! She is very kind and caring with an amazing sense of humor! I really can’t express how happy I am with Dr. J and his staff. Every time I look at my new breast’s I cry. I am just so happy. I can’t wait until I get my tummy tuck and implants with you!!! You are truly the BEST! I love you Dr. J. thank you so much for all that you have done. I truly appreciate you. I can’t thank you enough, that’s why I’m doing it again lol… Thanks Doc and thank you Nikki!!
Posted By: Elizabeth B.
Northridge, CA
I am a mother of 2 beautiful boys. I have always been thin, but after gaining 75 lbs with my 1st pregnancy, and 50 with my 2nd pregnancy, my poor body had been stretched to the max! My boys were both 9 lbs and almost 2ft long at birth. After losing all my post pregancy weight and getting back down to 140 lbs, I was left with a lot of loose skin that collected into a "pouch" along with stretch marks. After having my first son I knew I would eventually need a TT in order to regain my figure. I began my search for a surgeon and there were only a few that caught my eye. I came across Dr. J and pictures of his work and immediatly I scheduled my appt. I was a little apprehensive about scheduling my surgery with him because he is 2 hours away from where I live. After my consultaion with him, I was sold! My consultant Nikki was so sweet and professional, she made sure I had everything I needed for my surgery, and provided me with all the paperwork I needed for work/disability without hesitation. Dr. J is such a wonderful person with excellent bedside manners! I had many concerns for him and past medical issues that I was anxious about, and he reassured me that everything would be fine. We discussed my medical issues and he took every precaution under the sun the insure that things went smoothly during my surgery. The morning of my surgery, although a bit nervous, I was confident that every thing would be just fine! Surgery went great! He took the time to call me at home and see how I was doing, which was a great gesture! The next day I went to my post op appt, and as soon as he removed my dressing, I saw a 100 percent improvement! I am now 7 weeks post op and I am happy to say that I have the body I had when I was 18! I am extremely happy with my results and so is my Husband! I have had many complements, and am happy to report that I will be shopping for a two piece bathing suit as soon as I am fully healed. Never did I think that any surgeon could live up to the expectations I had of getting my pre pregnancy body back, but Dr. J certainly met these expectations and surpassed them! I would like to thank him for everything he did for me, and for taking the time to listen to my needs and most importantly for taking all the precautions to insure an uneventful surgery. He is truly an artist and the best at what he does! I recommend him to anyone looking for a surgeon, and if you are hesitant or unsure on what Dr. to call, hesitate no more and look no further because he is GREAT! Thanks again Dr. J and his wonderful staff for all their kindness and for making my entire experience amazing! Vanessa
Posted By: Vanessa
28 year old | Procedure: Tummy Tuck, central coast

Merhaba Dr. J-
I hope you and your wife are doing well!!!! I don't know if you remember me, but you performed blepharoplasty on me in the summer; I wanted to send you a picture of me because I know you didn't take an after shot and you requested that I send you one a while ago (which I am extremely embarrassed that it has taken so long!!!!!!!) So with my apologies, I am sending you a comparison shot of me from 1985, and a 2009 (before and after). I am so shocked how my eye lids look so similar to 25 years ago.... My mother, who is a very tough critic, said you did a fantastic job.......

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Happy New Year!!!!!


Posted By: Juliet

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