The process of the consultation was very smooth and it made me feel very satisfied with what I heard about my procedure. Dr. Jarrah assured me about an optimal outcome which made my decision to have surgery very easy. My doctor was very professional and gave me the best option for what I wanted to achieve in my physique. He took away any doubts I had about my procedure. Dr. Jarrah went above and beyond my expectations, he made sure I was doing well right after I awoke from surgery and was very attentive with my questions the next day after my surgery was performed. I am very happy with the results of my surgery and I would recommend Dr. Jarrah to any person thinking about having cosmetic surgery.
Posted By: N/A
Right from the start, Dr. Jarrah-Nejad impressed me with his kind, caring manner. His approach to my needs was taken with seriousness and professionalism. He understood exactly what I wanted and made it happen. He precisely explained every step of my liposuction ( to my hip area) procedure, therefore leaving no surprises either before or after surgery. I am absolutely elated with my results! His skill and kindness helped make my transformation a wonderful experience.
Posted By: Dana
My Wife (46) and I went to see Dr. Payam, to discuss having my Wife's latest breast enhancement replaced, due to ongoing pain to her left breast. My Wife had two previous silicone enhancements, one in 1994, and another in 2009; both procedures were performed in Mexico. During the consultation with Dr. Payam, he performed a very complete examination. My Wife asked Dr. Payam, if he could close the gap between her breasts. Dr. Payam said he would do his best to give my wife the look she requested. Because of Dr. Payam's professional examination, suggestions, and explanation about the old procedure, and the new procedure we decided to schedule the repair/replacement surgery.

Dr. Payam removed all the previous scar tissue. By correcting my Wife's breast spread, bringing her breasts much closer together for a very natural look. He gave my Wife the look she had requested. Dr. Payam must have taken his time, while stitching the incision in and around each nipple, as my Wife has no scaring visible today.

Three months after surgery, and follow-up exams every three weeks, my Wife has no visible scaring, no pain, her breast are full and have a very natural feel and look. We are both Extremely Happy with Dr. Payam, and the way her procedure turned out. Please see the post operative pictures for yourself. Her breasts are Beautiful and perfect. We highly recommend Dr. Payam to anyone for his dedication to professionalism and perfection.
Posted By: N/A
My doctor, Jarrah-Nejad is the BEST! I had a rhinoplasty procedure and he and the staff have made this a stress free, enjoyable, and comforting experience. My doctor was a complete professional. I love the results of my procedure and I will recommend Dr. Jarrah to friends and family. I look forward to keeping in touch with the staff in case I ever need anything else (surgery) done. Thank you!
Posted By: Sonia
I recently had breast augmentation done by Dr Jarrahnejad and from my first visit this experience has been awesome. I was very nervous going into the consultation, but after meeting Dr. Jarrahnejad I knew he was the right doctor for me. He took time and answered all of mine and my husband’s questions. Dr Jarrahnejad even called me at home after my surgery. For me this has been a wonderful experience and my husband’s new favorite word us WOW!!! lol
Thank you Dr Jarrahnejad
Posted By: Donna J
All my thanks to Dr. Jarrahnejad,

When I first walked into Dr. J's office, I was extremely nervous. Dr. J was patient and careful to explain the procedures in detail easing any doubts. After breastfeeding my first two sons and gaining weight from my pregnancies, my skin and breasts were stretched beyond their means. No matter how much I exercised nothing helped my self confidence. After my breast lift, augmentation and tummy tuck, I feel like a new person.
I enjoy shopping again and can go into any store knowing that I will look good in anything I try on without having to wear special push up bras or knowing that my midsection will not roll when I sit (gross ... I know). Even my gynecologist was impressed at my annual physical, looking for a scar on my breast and not finding a trace.
I can not thank you enough Dr. J on your remarkable work and care you have given to me.
Posted By: Toni A. Chavez
Posted By: N/A

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