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Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jarrah-Nejad (“Dr. J”), offers facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. He is strongly principled about doing fine, detail oriented work on the faces of his patients. Procedures treat matters pertaining to health and aesthetic qualities, or in some cases both. Dr. J wants you to be very well-informed, and confident that you’ve made the right decision. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of the procedures Dr. J offers patients seeking facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills.photogallery

Face & Neck lifts

One of the most popular procedures for patients seeking facial plastic surgery in Beverly hills is a face or neck lift. The ravages of time and gravity can cause the skin of the face and neck to droop and look old. More importantly it can make a patient “feel older” than they are. In these cases a face & neck lift can have a rejuvenating effect.

Eye Lid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery Result

There are two popular kinds of eye lid surgery. First, patients who have become concerned that the central focus of their face, their eyes, are making them appear old and tired.

Ear Surgery

Ears that “stick out” can make life difficult for younger patients. Children aren’t Dr. J’s only patients for ear surgery, however, and Dr. J offers options for adults seeking the procedure as well.

Removal of Cheek Fat Pad

Patients with “chubby cheeks,” or “chipmunk cheeks” may seek facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, because of weight they have gained in their faces, or because of a genetic predisposition. In either case, the excess tissue can often be removed.

Chin & Cheek Implants

Chin Implant Result

These are especially popular procedures for patients who want to correct weak or receding chin shapes, or give the face a more chiseled, distinguished appearance.

Brow Lift

Drooping foreheads, or deep lines can make a face look angry or gloomy, which often does not reflect the real personality of the patient. Facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills can correct these discrepancies.

Lip Augmentation

Transferring fat from the hip or thigh into the lips can make them appear fuller and more aesthetically pleasing. Dr. J accomplishes this with a blunt needle and syringe.

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty Result

Rhinoplasty can be for aesthetics or health, and sometimes both. Restoring symmetry and harmony to the face is sometimes combined with the correction of respiratory issues and other congenital defects of the nose.

Fat Transfer

Like with fat transfer elsewhere on the body, facial fat transfer can restore a youthful appearance to the face, by adding volume not just to the lips, but elsewhere on the face, helping to smooth out wrinkles and creases and generally refreshing faces that have begun looking tired or aged.

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