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Liposuction in Beverly Hills

Why You Might Get Liposuction in Beverly Hills

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Weight gain caused by lifestyle and habits is best treated by addressing the underlying diet and exercise problems. Often, however, diet and exercise don’t fully address the issue, and can leave stubborn areas of fat near the surface of the skin. The ideal candidates for liposuction are, in fact, those whose skin has good skin tone and elasticity. Psychological health is important as well, since expectations of results can have a huge effect on satisfaction with the surgery. Additionally, several factors might limit the amount of fat that can be removed at once. A consultation with Dr. J can help you determine if liposuction is the right kind of treatment for your concerns.

How the Procedure Works

Dr. J will first explain to a patient what is going to happen, and what results to expect. On the day of surgery, the areas he is targeting will be marked while the patient is standing up. Local anesthetic is sometimes all that is needed, but liposuction in Beverly Hills can also be done under general anesthesia. A very small incision is made, and a narrow tube called a “cannula” will be inserted to vacuum fat cells out of the affected area. Liposuction is not a replacement for diet or exercise.

Power assisted liposuction (P.A.L.) is a technique that may be used in some cases. Ultrasound assisted liposuction (U.A.L.) is another specialized technique available to Dr. J. Since liposuction has such diverse applications, it can take between one and four hours. Variables include the amount of fat being removed, and the area it is being removed from. Therefore, while liposuction is usually an ambulatory (aka outpatient) procedure, there are cases of larger volume operations in which a patient should stay overnight for monitoring by a private nurse. It may also be better to perform liposuction procedures in a hospital instead of at our clinic, either because of the large volume of fat removal involved or due to some other factor.

Liposuction surgery can be performed on several areas of the body at the same time, and it can also be combined with other cosmetic procedures.

Recovery Period

Usually after liposuction in Beverly Hills, the patient will be able to walk that same day, though driving home is not recommended due to the anesthetic. Recovery time will depend on how extensive the procedure was, and how much change took place, although liposuction has increasingly speedy recovery times for a cosmetic surgery procedure. Rest and reduced activity are helpful. A garment that supports the tissue might need to be worn for several weeks, depending on which areas are being treated. Some pain can be present although it can usually be treated with oral pain medication.

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