Mini Natural Butt Lift® in Beverly Hills

The Mini Natural Butt Lift® is an outstanding choice for patients who want to achieve a more feminine and contoured look through the use of transferred body fat, but who may not have enough unwanted fat for a standard fat-transfer based Brazilian buttock lift. This procedure relies on a combination of contouring via liposuction and a more modest version of the standard fat transfer technique. It essentially removes very small amounts of the patient’s own fat from locations near the buttocks and uses them to sculpt a derriere that will be as flattering and as natural as possible.

Why Choose the Mini Natural Butt Lift® with Dr. J

Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S. (“Dr. J”) has been a leader in the procedure popularly known as the Brazilian butt lifts since the beginning of his practice.Patients and medical observers agree that, whatever procedure he is performing, his finely honed sense of aesthetics and medical skill really can give his patients results that will really help to live the dream.  Now, the leading Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon has developed a variation on the classic butt lift that is ideal for women with more petite figures -- because we all know that quality is as important as quantity.
Of course, patients want the most attractive possible results, but safety is even more important. Dr. J is double board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. This means that he has lived up to the extremely rigorous standards of two of the most respected surgeons’ organizations in the country.



The Mini Natural Butt Lift®

How the Procedure Works

When Dr. J performs buttock augmentation (Mini Natural Butt Lift®) in Beverly Hills, he makes a small incision where a future bikini would be placed, so scars will be as well-hidden as possible. This type of buttock enhancement is mostly done with liposuction and contouring the lower back, and sides. Then, just the right amount of displaced fat is added, allowing the doctor to sculpt a more rounded and attractive backside.

Recovery Period

Once the buttock enhancement surgery is complete, we will provide compression garments (to be worn for a period of several days to a couple weeks), which serve to support a patient’s new shape and contour, as well as to further minimize swelling. Patients typically can return home the day of the operation, but there may be exceptions in certain cases.

Naturally, a patient’s body needs to adjust following a surgery. Dr. J will prescribe a course of antibiotics and pain medication for several days subsequent to the surgery to ensure a safe and comfortable recovery.  Patients need to take approximately two weeks off before returning to work and other normal activities. Over time, of course, patients will be able to resume all kinds of activity, including strenuous exercise.

Who Should Get aMini Natural Butt Lift®?

Dr. J firmly believes that plastic surgery is for all kinds of people, if they want it. However, obtaining a surgery is always a serious decision and no single type of procedure is for everyone. Some patients may not be good candidates for buttock augmentation in Beverly Hills for a number of reasons. This includes people who have vascular diseases, have had previous varicose vein procedures, diabetes, or are in general poor health. When you meet with Dr. J, he will carefully examine your medical history and help you figure out if buttock augmentation  is a viable option for you.

Get Started!

If you are interested in learning more about buttock augmentation (Mini Natural Butt Lift®) in Beverly Hills, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr. J.Feel free to call him at the phone number above, or reach out via his contact page.

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