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Mommy makeover plastic surgery is among the most popular types of procedures, and it’s not hard to see why. Moms love the experience of motherhood, but they all admit that not everything about being a mom is necessarily wonderful. One of those issues is that, whether we like it or not, pregnancy, childbirth,and motherhood will nearly always change the shape of a woman’s body.

  • Hormonal adjustments that occur immediately upon pregnancy signal some parts of a mother’s body to shift and the breasts to engorge in preparation for breastfeeding. When breastfeeding is over and lactation is done, the result can be that the skin of the breasts has lost a great deal of its elasticity.
  • Generalized weight gain in order to support fetal development can often cause loose, sagging skin in the abdominal area.
  • Shifting and stretching of the skin are a frequent side effect of the transformations involved in pregnancy and childbirth, leaving us with the dreaded stretch mark.
  • The skin of the face, legs,and other areas can develop discolorations.

For centuries, women have longed for ways to reverse these issues. Now, for many women, there is a way that can allow them tofeel as good about their appearances after having children as they did before.

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What is a Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a suite of procedures that includes post-maternity breast and body contouring as well as augmentation procedures and facial rejuvenation. The idea is to allow women the opportunity to enjoy the confidence they had prior to having children by addressing the particular concerns about their appearance that are likely to have arisen in the months and years following childbirth. While many might assume that a regimen of diet and exercise can take care of these matters, the truth is that even the most effective plan of diet and exercise has its limitations. There is simply no amount of exercise or caloric reduction that can deal with such issues as loose skin and pockets of fats– and not even the world’s finest cosmetic treatment can rejuvenate facial features.

Since every woman is different, of course, no two mommy makeover packages will be exactly the same. Nevertheless, the following are the most typical procedures associated with mommy makeovers.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

The abdomen is perhaps the most obvious location where a change occurs during pregnancy. The tummy tuck removes excess skin and other tissue, while also tightening the abdominal muscles. Tummy tucks are often obtained by mothers of unusually large babies, or those who have had multiplebirths and are especially subject to weight gain and shifts in abdominal shape. Individual, standard size babies, however, can also leave their own marks, particularly as a mother gives birth more than once over a period of several years. To deal with the changes, weight can be lost and muscle gained through a combination of caloric restriction and exercise, but the shape of the abdomen is more often than not impossible to bring back to its previous condition withoutsurgery. To be specific, some amount of loose skin is likely following a significant weight loss, whether it is following childbirth or because of a successful diet or weight loss surgery. Most people find this skin unsightly but, in the worst cases, it can actually feel uncomfortable.A tummy tuck can reverse all of these issues.

Body Contouring/Liposuction/Brazilian Butt Lift

Tummy tucks are just one part of a group of procedures often referred to as body contouring, which typically include liposuction. Aside from removing skin and tightening muscle, liposuction procedures to remove stubborn pockets of body fat are part and parcel of body contouring procedures. However, it’s not just a matter of removing unwanted bulges. In many cases, the fat can be transferred to other parts of the body to create a more pleasingly curvy figure. The best known body contouring procedure of this type is the type of buttock augmentation popularly known as the Brazilian butt lift. Dr. J has been a leader with this procedure and has delighted countless women with their results.

One important note regarding liposuction – it should never be considered a form of weight loss. It’s a means of removing fat that, in most cases, is unresponsive to standard methods of reduction.

Breast Augmentation and/or breast lift

The breasts of a mother sometimes droop or sag, and can lose volume after the initial swelling brought on by breastfeeding, and this can worsen as a mom nursesmore children over the years. By the time their childbearing years are over, many women are left with prematurely aged-looking breasts. A mommy makeover very often employs both augmentations and lift procedures to address this problem. Augmentation fills out the breast, usually through the use of silicone or saline implants, for a fuller and more youthful look. Breast lifts, known medically as mastopexy, address sagging directly by removing excess skin and reshaping the tissue for a firm, full appearance.

All breast lift and/or augmentation procedures involve a number of choices that a woman and her plastic surgeon need to make together. Studies have shown that clear and honest communication between a patient and her doctor lead to a significantly greater degree of satisfaction with any plastic surgery. Dr. J has decades of experience working with patients and ensuring that they have a good understanding of the likely realistic outcomes and have the information they need to make appropriate choices.

Facelifts, Botox, Juvederm, Restylane

There’s no getting around the fact that people often look substantially older after having children. For a great many women, it’s not just the physical impact of bearing and nursing children, it’s that the ups and downs of parenthood can cause wrinkles in many ways. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Yes, there is some excess stress associated with parenting, but there’s also more laughter and other positive emotional responses that can also have a wear-and-tear effect on the face. Moreover, time is marching on and that naturallyalso has an impact.

Fortunately,folds and lines in the facial skin can be helped in many ways. The most tried-and-true and long-lasting approach is the traditional facelift (medically known wasrhytidectomy). It’s one of the oldest plastic surgeries and it has provided dramatic benefits for millions. If surgery is not wanted, today we have more nonsurgical options than ever before. Botox® and facial fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane can rejuvenate the facial appearance by either relaxing facial muscles or filling in areas that may have lost their fullness. Dr. J can help you to figure out the best options for your particular case.

Getting Started on a Mommy Makeover

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