Mommy Makeover with Buttock Augmentation

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Why You Might Get a Mommy Makeover with Buttock Augmentation

Having a child can create three fundamental changes in a woman’s body. The first is the hormonal change that comes at the onset of pregnancy resulting in effects such as swelling of the breasts. The second is inevitable weight gain that accompanies the growth of the fetus. Third, a woman’s skin stretches and shifts as her body alters to accommodate the life growing insider her. Nevertheless, becoming a mother doesn’t mean you have to give up on feeling, or looking sexy. The notion that there is an inevitable choice to be made between the two is a misconception. With advancements in medical technology, the so-called mommy makeover with buttock augmentation can reverse the physical changes that come with childbirth. Dr. J has years of experience performing the mommy makeover with buttock augmentation, and is proud of the many gratified women who have experienced a new lease on life thanks to this revolutionary procedure.

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When viewed directly from behind, attractive buttocks usually have smooth curves. There should be well-defined, feminine cleavage with a V shape that projects the most at the mid to top part of the buttocks, emphasizing the round shape. The crease at the bottom of the buttocks should not show drooping. The surface of the skin should be uniformly smooth. Pregnancy can cause changes in the buttocks that, in many cases, no amount of exercise can reverse. As a component of a mommy makeover, however, attractive buttocks can be restored.

A Mommy Makeover with Dr. J

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A good mommy makeover comprises a number of procedures that address all the areas of the body that change during pregnancy. Mommy makeovers come with various options, and we want our patients to prioritize their biggest concerns, and focus on the areas that will give them the most positive results. Working together with your surgeon, you can get as close as possible to your pre-pregnancy figure.

First there is often a breast augmentation and lift, or sometimes a breast reduction, depending on how the breasts have been affected. Next, there is a tummy tuck and/or liposuction, again, depending on the patient’s needs. Rather than just removing fat, it is often preferable to use if for shaping the hips or other curves, or as a component of the buttock augmentation. These are accomplished through the use of multiple procedures, often combined into one visit. When you consult with Dr. J, he will carefully explain the process, so there will be no surprises or unnecessary anxiety.

If you are interested in learning more about the mommy makeover with buttock augmentation, contact us to schedule a consultation. You have created something truly beautiful, and now you deserve to feel beautiful again.

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