Dr. J changed my life! I had a Mommy Makeover (tummy tuck, liposuction, fat transfer to buttocks, breast lift, breast implants) back in April of 2013. It is now June 2016, and I look better than I have ever looked in my life.

I always hated my body, from middle school to my early 40's; I had tiny, crooked A-cups and a huge "gut flap" that was always hanging down, no matter how much weight I lost. I also had a bad case of "frog butt". As I got older, my body morphed into the shape of a little old man. I was miserable.

After a ton of research, I finally took the plunge and scheduled a Mommy Makeover with Dr. J. He was so kind, funny and understanding throughout every procedure. He even called me once I was home recovering to make sure I was okay. I had a lot of work done all at once, and, surprisingly, the recovery time was fast and scarring is minimal.

I perform and sing on stage and my appearance is a huge part of my confidence in front of an audience. Since my Mommy makeover, I can't believe the upswing in the amount of new gigs I am booking, and the huge increase in compliments (not to mention the increase in tips!) Now, I don't mind when people want to take pictures of me, and I am not afraid to wear clothing I would have never even considered before. I've even had professional boudoir photos taken, and share them with my friends and family!

If you want to look like the incredible "before and after" photos you see on Dr. J's website, believe me, THEY ARE REAL! Dr. J will change your life like he did mine! I couldn't be happier!
Posted By: Sheri Brandenburg
Singer, Port Hueneme, CA
Plastic Surgery 101

A very special Yelp Review by Beck Flatley

Over the course of the last 3 years, I lost over 140 lbs and toiled my way from a size 28 to a 6. After literally working my butt off, I was faced with a shiny new problem: loose, flapping skin. Just what every single gal needs to rope that special someone. (Because you can literally wind the skin up and use it as rope to prevent their escape.) Basically, I couldn’t enjoy the new body I worked so hard for because I was still wearing the old deflated one.

But the thought of plastic surgery always scared me. I’m a mom, so of course the first thing I picture is my orphaned daughter giving my eulogy…“she just wanted less skin….” right before Child Protective Services carts her off to the group home. Nope. No way. I’m not putting my life on the line for vanity. And if I didn’t die, we’ve all seen “Botched” and famous celebs that have gone too far. What if the stitches snag on my IV hook and pull me lopsided like Quasimodo and there’s no undoing it? Loose skin doesn’t seem so bad compared to being condemned to a bell tower for the rest of my life.

I decided if I was going to be filleted, it had to be performed by the most precise mo’fo’ in the biz. [Clinical term] And there began my 1.5 year tour of plastic surgeon visits, comprehensive online research and what I like to call “getting naked in front of strangers.” I got so used to stripping upon walking into a doctor’s office, it led to an extremely awkward encounter with my dentist.

To save you all some time, I’ve taken the liberty of categorizing the types of experiences I had with other plastic surgery offices that you WON’T experience with Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad (AKA "Dr. J") and his staff of superheroes:

The HMO-Bro

This is the plastic surgeon they offer through your HMO. Before you even go to the consultation, the nurse tells you point blank that you’re better off paying cash and going “outside the system". She stares at you a little too long when she tells you this, however, which alerts you to the fact that something pure evil must be going on in those operating rooms and she’s discreetly trying to save your life right now.

When the doctor comes in, you immediately look behind him to see where his father is because it must be “bring your toddler to work day,” right? He closes the door. Wrong. And now you have to get naked in front of little Timmy. It’s obvious he might still be finishing up school when he starts to make dating small talk while measuring your degree of boob sag. I pictured telling my future grandchildren this heartwarming tale of how we met and subsequently decided the HMO-Bro was a no-go on all fronts.

Surgery Factories look a lot like upscale day spas when you first walk in, until you take notice of the 20 or so women they have piled on top of each other in the microscopic waiting area. Some of these women are obvious repeat customers which makes you wonder, why do they have to keep coming back? Did he not do it right the first time? Because that’s kinda what it looks like.

After the frantic office staff misplaces your file 3 separate times, you are ushered into an exam room, handed a book of before/after pictures and asked to strip. To your disappointment, they’re not the best before/after shots you’ve ever seen. You actually are 98% sure you cut your Thanksgiving turkey better than the surgery some of these poor ladies had to endure. (According to wikipedia, plastic surgery and cutting turkey are totally comparable skill-wise, in case you were thinking that might be an unfair comparison. It’s not.)

But there’s no time to think about turkey right now because the nurse is knocking at the door while your pants are halfway down. She gives you attitude at this point because how dare you take your clothes off AND look at the book they handed you in the 45 seconds of privacy provided to you. Did you NOT see the 500 women waiting in the front? Then the doctor busts in because well, he’s the doctor and he can do whatever he wants in his own factory. It’s clear from the start that you are a mere potential canvas he might choose to grace with his “art”. He’s not interested in anything you have to say because this is an assembly line and if you don’t like it, don’t hop on the conveyer belt, sister.

The final guarantee from the factory? If you’re not satisfied, they’ll go back and do scar revision surgeries for freeeeeee! Uhm yeah, no. I already fell for that scheme when I bought my Prius with the “free maintenance” plan. Only, guess what? The dealer takes 2.5 hours to change your oil, so it’s really not free, now is it Toyota? It costs me time AND mental anguish - just like the scar revisions would. No conveyer belt for this gal.
Posted By: Beck Flatley
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Testimonial for DR.J
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Testimonial for DR.J
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Testimonial for DR.J
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