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Plastic Surgery Testimonial
Posted By: Anonymous
Plastic Surgery Testimonial
Posted By: Anonymous
Plastic Surgery Testimonial
Posted By: Anonymous
Plastic Surgery Testimonial
Posted By: Anonymous
Plastic Surgery Testimonial
Posted By: D.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Testimonial
Posted By: J
I was skeptical and scared about getting a breast augmentation and tummy tuck after I had a baby (second time around). As I was researching on plastic surgeons, I came across Dr. J's credentials. When I first saw him the first thing I asked him was if he is board certified. Je said yes and added in fact he was double board certified. Finding out that he is DOUBLE board certified, I was pretty amazed to have heard that as one of the important to me was finding someone who is qualified to do the surgery. I feel I found someone to be over qualified and that is what I wanted. Working in the medical field, I know how important it is to find that very doctor to operate on you who is double board certified because you know that person is highly skilled, trustworthy, and he is trained and tested specifically to perform the surgery. That's when I realized he is the one to perform my surgery.

I had a breast augmentation, an umbilical hernia repair, a tummy tuck, lipo flanks, and a breast lift all in one sitting and I am 3 wks post operation. It took 5 hours and let me just say he did an INCREDIBLE job. Words cannot describe how wonderful he has been. I healed nicely and it is coming along really good. During the surgery, Dr. J and his staff were amazing. They treated me with care and with fragility. He even called me the following day to make sure i was doing ok. He sent me home with pain meds so I wasn't uncomfortable and to help control the pain. Even the post op visits were amazing. He is very attentive, kind, compassionate and empathetic. He was also attentive to me and my husband's questions. He is the best and I recommend him to anyone seeking to take that leap in getting plastic surgery even if they are a little scared. He will diminish that fear completely on the very first office visit.
Posted By: Catherine
33 year old female Asian mother of two, Palmdale CA

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