Tummy Tuck Before and After

Special Note: The photos included on this page are being used with the full knowledge of patients who were so delighted with the work performed by Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, they approved of the pictures and agreed to allow these images to be posted on the doctor’s site.

These dramatic tummy tuck before and after photos provide dramatic evidence of the considerable skills of Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS. As one of Beverly Hills most respected and popular practitioners, he is a double-board certified plastic surgeon who has the ability to perform near miracles when it comes to improving the appearance of the stomach.

Known medically as abdominoplasty, this surgery removes folds of skin that can accumulate around the midsection. Aside from patients who want to improve the appearance of their abdomen, it is often experienced by people who have lost a large amount of weight, most commonly in the wake of a pregnancy. In fact, tummy tucks are very often performed as part of Dr. Jarrah-Nejad’s popular “Mommy Makeover” package.

However, as these dramatic tummy tuck before and after pictures vividly illustrate, “Dr. J” as he is called by most of his patients and staff members, is able to deal with unsightly skin folds through a few incisions. He is known for this “low-scar tummy tuck,” which in all cases has a scar that is lower than a C-Section scar. If a C-Section scar is present, it is always removed during the tummy tuck, leaving a brand new stomach.

As you can see, Dr. J is more than a remarkably skilled plastic surgeon who has achieved the highest level of technical ability and scientific knowledge. He is an artist who has the ability to transform the appearance of women with an artistic and feminine aesthetic in mind. Praised by patients for his artistic approach, these pictures make it easy to see why Dr. J, double-board certified plastic surgeon, is one of the most highly sought after specialists in the cosmetic surgery mecca of Beverly Hills.

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