Tummy Tuck Cost


Tummy Tuck Cost


For most people who are going to be pursuing abdominoplasty, the cost of a tummy tuck or a mini-tummy tuck will be one factor in their decision, but far from the only one. While the actual cost of the surgery can vary quite a bit, the good news is that, when you request a consultation with Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS – better known to his long roster of pleased patients as “Dr. J.” -- you can depend on getting the best possible information about all aspects of your plastic surgery, including tummy tuck cost.

As you might expect, medical insurance will only cover procedures deemed medically necessary. Panniculectomy, which is basically removing the symptomatic hanging skin, is often covered. Abdominoplasty, which involves improving the appearance of the stomach, is not covered. Of course, there is not only the actual cost of the surgery, but the very real expense of taking enough time off from work for the surgery and whatever period of recuperation is needed. While the time required to fully recuperate from tummy tuck surgery varies, Dr. J. is highly skilled at reducing recovery the amount of time necessary.

Easily one of the most respected names in Beverly Hills plastic surgery, Dr. J. is well-liked by patients for his compassionate yet straightforward approach to all the issues surrounding cosmetic surgery, including finances. While Dr.J. has performed hundreds of tummy tucks -- most often along with another procedures -- he will gladly help you come up with an approach that will work with your financial situation.  Given the volume of operations he performs, he is able to keep tummy tuck cost to a minimum.

Dr. J. is a double-board certified active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery and one of the most respected Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons. Dr. J. and his highly experienced staff have performed hundreds of operations. They understand exactly how to ensure that your procedure is carried out in the most efficient, safest, and healthiest manner possible. Moreover, performing hundreds of tummy tucks have made Dr. J. very familiar with all types of bodies with differing shapes and contours. Your procedure will “fit” your body.

For more information about tummy tuck cost and all types of abdominoplasty, including a mini tummy tuck, please contact Dr. J for a consultation. He will be delighted to hear from you.

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