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It takes a great plastic surgeon to produce the kind of great results you see in the tummy tuck photos on this page. The man behind these pictures, Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, is one of the most highly regarded board certified plastic surgeons in the beauty capital of Beverly Hills. Known to both staff and patients as “Dr. J.,” the doctor is widely regarded as the leading plastic surgeon in all of greater Los Angeles. These tummy tuck pictures show how the doctor is capable of creating the most natural and attractive results possible.

In fact, these tummy tuck photos were gathered from patients of Dr. J. who were so pleased with the results that they enthusiastically volunteered for their pictures to be displayed on the doctor’s website. Patients in the plastic surgery-savvy city of Beverly Hills know how difficult it can be to obtain these kind of outstanding tummy tuck before and after pictures and are eager to show off the results.

Known medically as abdominoplasty, the term “tummy tuck” refers to an operation which removes excess skin and fat that has been stretched and then left sagging as the result of a large weight loss, very often the result of a pregnancy. It is one of the commonly performed of cosmetic surgeries but nevertheless requires a surgeon with real skill and a great deal of technical ability.

A double-board certified plastic surgeon with one of the busiest practices in greater Los Angeles, Dr. J. often incorporates tummy tuck procedures into his Mommy Makeover package which, as the name implies, is aimed at helping recent mothers to restore some of the physical attributes which can be impacted by a pregnancy. The results, as you can see from these tummy tuck photos, are often nothing short of amazing.

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